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Inspired by the rarity and beauty of the Earth's most natural treasures, we at Gogoanna-Gems, merchants of coloured gemstones and pearls, are devoted to trading in exceptional and unusual gemstones. Our outstanding gems, from sapphires to zircons, are eagerly sought by leading Australian jewellery artists and designers who seek that extraordinary stone of unusual cut and colour. We travel extensively - locally and internationally - to source the finest sapphires, rubies, emeralds, opals, coloured diamonds and pearls which we showcase internationally. We take pride in our truly exceptional collection.

Gogoanna-Gems' underlying strength is our passion for the industry. As professionally recognised gemmologists, we have the knowledge and skill to discern that special gem, whether it be the lustrous creation of the humble oyster or the fierce beauty of gems produced within the heart of the Earth. Our knowledge and expertise will transform your curiosity into delight.


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